Thank you for your interest to present in our event. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at:; +9668442222 ext.1552.

-Abstracts have to be submitted by EMAIL. Shortlisted abstracts will be contacted through same email and will be displayed on the website as well.
-The abstract submission should include complete details of the contestant (e.g., abstract title, name, contact information, affiliation, and abstract etc).
-All shortlisted poster participants have to be registered in order to be eligible for the competition by the time of the conference.

Types of abstracts:

-Topics showed be radiology-focused and PREFERABLY in the following sub specialties of Body, Musculoskeletal and Women imaging.
-Topics PREFERABLY should be related to tumor imaging. Although other subjects  are permitted, you would have a better chance of acceptance (and possibly winning a prize in the competition) if it aligns well with the focus of the meeting.

1. Scientific Poster (original research): 
-Hypothesis-driven research must be submitted as poster, not previously presented at other radiological society meetings (papers submitted for publication are exempted).
-Must include these sections: Problem Statement, Methods/Procedure, Results/Findings, Conclusion/Implications, Conflict of interest declaration, Acknowledgements and References.

2. Educational exhibit: 
Education poster should be designed to teach or review topics related to medical imaging. An abstract has to be submitted containing: title, objectives, and outlines.


-The total number of characters is limited to 1500 (apart from Author’s information , Conflict of interest declaration, Acknowledgements and References sections) which is equivalent to about 250 words.
-The scientific committee has the right to reject any content that is duplicated or has a similar entry under review.
-By submitting your abstract, you agree to grant the ATIC a limited non-exclusive, royalty-free license to present your content in poster/digital format (website/on-site show) related to the conference. You retain full copyright of your content.

-Ensure that all components of the submitted abstract are present on the poster, but do not introduce substantially different material.
-All posters should be designed in a clear and informative manner to be viewed from 1m distance. It must be displayed as a hard-copy standard A0 size and in landscape layout (please see the sample for design elements). Stands will be provided but printing will not. A digital copy must also be submitted in a PDF format at full resolution.

-Use a typeface that offers best legibility (e.g. Helvetica, Arial or Trebuchet)
-Suggested font sizes: Title: 60pt – 80pt, Section: 40 pt – 50pt, Main body text: 24pt – 30pt.
-It is the Author’s responsibility to ensure he/she has secured all rights to the presented material.
-Patients data should be anonymized in accordance to the local laws and institution guidelines.
-If you are planning to use illustrations, professional medical illustrator supervision would be advisable.
-Ensure the highest image quality for best results with scalability (eg. PNG, TIFF, Bitmap, Vector images …)

Abstract review process:

-The scientific committee of each sub-specialty will review and approve participation in their perspective field.
-Entries will be discussed on a first-come first-served basis. Late submissions are in no way guaranteed a review chance. We advise ALL participants to submit as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

The Competition:

-A board of highly regarded judges will rate all posters at the second day (no oral presentation required but attendance is advised if there are any questions).
-The judges’ decision will be final and no clarification will be given.
-A prize will be awarded to the 1st place (and possibly second place) winner(s) at the beginning of third day.

NEW deadline is October 1, 2019 and would be reviewed in first-come first- served basis.

Best of luck,
Organizing committee.