Conference Welcome Words

Organizing Committee

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the forthcoming 3rd iteration of Advances in Tumor Imaging Conference, and the 1 st East Coast radiology technologist’s conference to be held at kempinski Al Othman Hotel in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia on October 8-10, 2019. The conferences covered diverse topics related to tumor imaging and technical aspects. This year we will have a great number of international guest lecturers from North American, GCC as well as from Saudi Arabia. Major emphasis of the conferences will be placed on the practical and clinical aspects of Diagnostic Radiology. Diagnostic tips, techniques and pitfalls will be stressed and differential diagnoses of Tumor imaging findings on body, MSK and Women imaging will be covered. In addition, there will be elements of interactivity with the audience. Certainly, the program will be boosted by exhibits, posters and workshops. Again the interactive case studies quiz will be held for all participants and winners will be awarded. We would also like to thank our partners and exhibitors for their generous support. Once again, we welcome and encourage you to attend and participate in our Conferences. If gaining knowledge is a virtue, sharing it is a much bigger virtue.

Dr. Abdulrahman Almutairi
Head of Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Dear distinguished guests, friends, ladies, and gentlemen,
Eastern province is honored and thankful to you for giving KFSHD the chance to host and organize the third version of advances in tumor imaging conference, ATIC3. This year’s conference is brought to light in collaboration with renewed regional hospitals representatives from king Fahad university hospital, king Fahad military medical complex, Jubail royal commission hospital, and Security forces hospital-Dammam. The conference scope and theme are evolving to reflect the passion, needs, and interests of the entire region. ATIC3 will introduce the latest technology by allied health professionals in a parallel session through the first east coast Saudi radiological technologist conference. It will also promote the adoption of new advanced techniques in all fields of tumor imaging. Additionally, this year we are providing two hands-on workshops. One about the long-time waiting image-guided breast interventional procedures. The second workshop will open a new horizon about the revolutionary concept of AI (artificial intelligence) in radiology. This year’s program will continue previous years vision about focusing on science, research, innovation and knowledge transfer. We hope that every one of our dear guests will have an exceptional experience full of joy and entertainment while going through the learning journey. Experts will share their experience and perspectives, and potential opportunity for exchanging ideas will develop to serve the needs. We work to make the conference days memorable and beneficial to all our honored participants who will make it a successful event.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Noor Alnaimy, MD
Head of Scientific Committee



Radiologists - Radiology Technologist - Radiology Nurses - Radiation Oncologists - Radiation Therapist - Oncology Surgeons - Oncologists - Medical Physicist



New Technology in Oncology Imaging - Imaging Advances in tumors diagnosis and staging - Advances in Functional Tumor Imaging - Advances in post therapy Tumor Imaging - Daily tumor imaging relevant case of the day - Parallel advance technical specific sessions - Workshop and hands-on training.


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